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Kimarys Adriana Tejada
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Button Z by Kimarys3


Button Bio by Kimarys3
Button Bio

It was the anniversary of Bunny’s death. Her Birthday.

The Professor was out on an errand and the girls decided that on this stormy night, they would try and bring their sister back.

They were trying to beat the rain. They had to do this in the back yard before the Professor returned home. If he did make it back before they finished, he wouldn’t look outside right away. Especially not in this weather.

This time they were determined to get it right.

They would agree on everything that went into the cauldron of their creation.

This time, they would follow the list.



Bubbles hadn’t expected this when she had woken up this morning. It was a normal and sad day. She had decided to bake cookies to cheer everyone up.


Which meant the only sugar left in the house was mixed with Cinnamon.

Sugar: Cinnamon Sugar



The Professor would never disclose with anyone exactly what spice or spices he used for creating the girls. This left each girl to pick one spice of their own choice.

Blossom: Salt

Buttercup: Pepper

Bubbles: Poppy Seeds - Gray

Of course Buttercup had no idea what those gray little balls were Bubbles was holding in her hand. She had to explain that these Poppy seeds were the gray specks in the Lemon Poppy Seed muffins they all loved so much.

They all went into the pot.


The dark clouds looming above were about to release their load. The crack of thunder radiated through the clouds. The girls could feel it in their bones.

Everything Nice.

This was the hard part.

The part they really needed to agree on.

Blossom: Two Ribbons

“When I lost my ribbon, you each searched far and wide to help me find it. Used up all your savings and each got me a ribbon. These are very special to me.”

Bubbles: Six Silver Bells

“Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love the music and how nice everyone is to each other. I especially love the presents. But every Christmas, when you hear the bells from the carolers or the bells on the reindeer, everyone is filled with happiness and excitement. That’s my favorite part.”

Buttercup: Purple Cloth

“This is what’s left of Bunny. I don’t think anyone in the whole world was as nice as her… except maybe Bubbles.”

All the items in the pot.


Chemical X – Accidently

Buttercup tossed the Chemical X up and down over the cauldron with her eyes closed. Her sisters rolled their eyes knowing Buttercup would never “Accidently” drop it. She was too coordinated.

Blossom was about to speak up and express her concerns when the sky was filled with a brilliant light.

Lightning pierced the sky and struck the cauldron.

The close proximity sent Buttercup flying, and the Chemical X fell into the electrocuted cauldron… Accidently.


Smoke filled the yard and as it began to clear, Purple eyes could be seen, lightly glowing in the dark.

The girls cheered with excitement until they realized that the girl before them was most definitely NOT Bunny.

This new girl could see it in the eyes of the Puffs.

She was not what they wanted.


The Powerpuffs began arguing amongst themselves.

How this wasn’t supposed to happen.

How this new girl wasn’t meant to exist.

They acted as if she wasn’t even standing right there.

(A voice in her head telling her they didn’t mean it.)

The girl flew off into the storm and they didn’t even notice.


Blossom: “Well, since she is not Bunny we’ll have to name her. What about Bloom?”

Bubbles: “No let’s name her Bell!”

Buttercup: “No way, Brave is such a better name.”

Blossom: “It’s only fair if we let her decide then.”

The Powerpuffs turned to face the girl in question.

She was gone.


The girls found her in the center of the storm.

She would not come willingly.

(Voice: “They mean no harm”)

She flew through the darkness with ease, no fear towards the storm.

It was pouring now.


Buttercup was getting tired of chasing her and decided to try and slow her down.

The purple eyed Puff didn’t appreciate the energy blast that hit her back.

She stopped and faced the Green Puff that was racing towards her.

(Voice: “Don’t do it! She didn’t mean it!”)

Purple lightning exploded from her hand and shot the unsuspecting Puff right out of the sky.


Blossom dove to catch Buttercup but Bubbles kept after their newest sister.

Bubbles: “We’re sorry!”  

This caused the purple eyed Puff to stop.

Bubbles: “You’re our sister. We shouldn’t have acted the way we did. We weren’t expecting you and it surprised us. But we love you too!”

(Voice: “She’s telling the truth”)

The purple eyed girl relaxed and floated toward her blue sister.

They hugged.


The Professor opened the door to 4 soaking wet little girls.

Professor: “Girls! Where have you been? I’ve been worried sick!”

Powerpuff Girls: “Sorry Professor”

Professor: “And who is this?”

The purple eyed girl shrunk back behind Buttercup.

Professor: “Well aren’t you cute as a Button?”

The 3 Original Puffs looked at each other with wide eyes: “BUTTON!”


Name: Button Utonium


    1.       Cinnamon Sugar

    2.       Salt, Pepper, Gray Poppy Seeds

    3.       Ribbons, Silver Bells, Bunny’s remains

    4.       Lightning/Chemical X


    1.       Control over/ Creation of: Lightning

    2.       Bunny’s Superior Strength

    3.       Can see and communicate with the dead.


Bunny was resurrected in the subconscious of Button. They speak to each other and often times people think Button is unstable because they see her talking to herself (Bunny) and to other objects (Souls of the dead.)

Powerpuff girls by: :iconcmcc:

Hi guys :)

I wanted you guys to know that I am currently struggling with a brain tumor. I'll keep this short.

Here is a link to my GoFundMe:

I could really use the support. And even if you can't spare anything yourself, please share this link on any social media or way you can. Words of encouragement would also help. I'm not going to lie but I'm super nervous.

Thanks for reading :)

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